Thursday, July 15, 2010

Killing Time Over The Internet: The Best Way so far.

I just got hired at accenture last july 5. The week after that was our SAP ABAP skill bootcamp. The training is so cool and knowing that ABAP is not a mediocre language, I really make it a point that I Learn every single lesson I can learn from that camp. In the mean time, during lunch break hours or even after the programming session. Because some of my train-mates aren't finished yet. I took the liberty to check codes and re evaluate my semantics. But after that... What?? Nothing left to do??

Well, of course I browse the web and try to kill time. However, Accenture has a firewall that blocks website with which Accenture sense harm on surfing or not related to work like Facebook, Twitter etc. etc. Good thing they approve Google to be a default site that can be accessed anytime. I searched and searched just to satisfy my idleness until i bump up into a site that compiles forwarded office emails. It's at And I had a lot of fun reading Forwarded Emails on the web. And It simply kills time. Me laughing at my own though. But some emails their gave me information I've never know that it circulated the web over the past few years. I wasn't just aware that Emails has the power to do that.

That's how I kill time over the web. Tell me how you kill yours?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Philippine Typhoon: Basyang.

It's the first typhoon that hit the Metro since this last summer of 2010. However, it inflicts unexpected devastation mainly on Metro Manila. Leaving the capital city powerless for more or less a day. The typhoon has destroyed a lot of establishments mainly billboards, electric posts and trees Leaving a huge aftermath of destruction.

The gusty wind was never expected as PAGASA anticipated. President Noynoy Aquino reprimanded the PAGASA because of giving a mediocre report about the typhoon.

Amazingly, Meralco has done an outstanding job backing up the lines after the typhoon. The estimated time to fix all the power outage problems over Metro Manila is 2 to 3 days. But by seeing their performance, they are doing well especially here in the southern Luzon area. They backed up the electric lines in more or less a day and I am highly confident that the restoration of electricity over the Metro will be done by tomorrow(just a day).


Friday, July 2, 2010

How to Get Approved by Google Adsense even without a Website?

You can get approved by Google Adsense even WITHOUT A WEBSITE!
Is it possible? Yes it is! Well I'm going to teach you step by step! :>

Here's How:

1. Go to
2. Click Register. It's at the top most right of the page.
3. Fill in registration informations.
Click register.
4. After you got registered. They will ask you if you have an adsense account. for you can post your adsense codes on your docstoc page and advertise to earn revenue. If noy. THEY WILL CREATE for you and SURELY, YOUR ADSENSE WILL BE APPROVED 100%.


How to delete a Group in Facebook?

Deleting a group in Facebook isn't possible if you still have members in your group. And technically speaking, YOU can't delete a group in Facebook. Facebook will.

So to delete a group:

1. Go to The group page.
2. Select Members
3. Remove them all.
4. And when you removed all of them. Remove your self and Your group is Gone.

Hope it helped ;)

How to delete a friend in Facebook?

I was also asking that question few weeks ago. But now, I was like. "Why didn't i see that?".

Deleting in facebook is kinda misleading. Of course, Facebook doesn't want you to delete your friends. They want you to socialize and add as many friends as possible in order for you to get attached to the site. How clever!

So if you ever want to delete a friend, or a stalker in your account. Here's how:

1. Log in to your facebook account.
2. Go to the page of the person you want to delete as a friend.
3. Click 'Remove from Friends" just right below the sidebar and above the 'Share' Button.
4. After deleting. Check if that person is deleted by going to his page.
5. done.

Good luck ;)


Remove Blogspot Bar with simple Code

Do you know you can remove blogspot bar by adding a simple code?

For those who don't notice, the blogspot bar is the one at the top of every blogspot blog. To show you further. blogspot bar looks like this...

Now you know. Well, Why do you want to get rid of that bar? Simple. Because you don't want your readers to search another blog INSIDE your blog. Specially when you're earning from your blog. You want traffic to YOUR site as much as you can. And the last thing you wanna do is to direct users to another blog. right?

So here's the code you need to add to remove the blogspot bar.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reviewing Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: PSP Game

Gameplay: The game play is sort-of a fighting game and dialogs. However, you cannot choose what to say. It will just dictate the story as you go along with the game. The goal in every fight is to reduce the opponent's HP to zero. You can play as Edward Elric or Alphonse Elric. You will choose who you will play at the beginning of the game. Say if you choose Ed, Al will be AI. Same if you choose Al, Ed will be the AI. 

It's a 2v2 Fighting Game but you can choose to fight alone 1v1. You can do adhoc party with your friends. Finish the Story together and have fun. The controls are just right for the PSP console. By pressing two combined buttons, you can perform Alchemy and by pressing the normal buttons you can perform normal attacks and block. Thought there's a catch when playing 2v2 game. You need to simultaneously bring your opponent down or else if you focus just on one opponent, the other one may resurrect the fallen opponent and regain HP equal to his team mate. So you need to manage attacks that


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

P-Noy Inauguration: 2010 Philippine President

President Beningno S. Aquino III's Inauguration has stirred Filipino Bloods for new hopes of a non-corrupt and a wealthy government. He focused on his campaign to remove corruption on his era and hopefully, He can fulfill his promises to us. He indirectly offended the previous government (PGMA's) about the Numbness of them against the poverty-stricken people who are crying for help on the previous government. He even told to those that hurt him, or insult him in any way that He can forgive them and He had already forgave them. But those who've done anomaly to his countrymen, He cannot forgive and forget. "For If there is no Justice, There's no reconciliation" he said.

Truly that P-Noy has a very promising inaugural speech. He has risen the hopes of our Filipino countrymen. But words are just words. We need to see Actions that will make Philippines a Country worth living again.