Thursday, July 15, 2010

Killing Time Over The Internet: The Best Way so far.

I just got hired at accenture last july 5. The week after that was our SAP ABAP skill bootcamp. The training is so cool and knowing that ABAP is not a mediocre language, I really make it a point that I Learn every single lesson I can learn from that camp. In the mean time, during lunch break hours or even after the programming session. Because some of my train-mates aren't finished yet. I took the liberty to check codes and re evaluate my semantics. But after that... What?? Nothing left to do??

Well, of course I browse the web and try to kill time. However, Accenture has a firewall that blocks website with which Accenture sense harm on surfing or not related to work like Facebook, Twitter etc. etc. Good thing they approve Google to be a default site that can be accessed anytime. I searched and searched just to satisfy my idleness until i bump up into a site that compiles forwarded office emails. It's at And I had a lot of fun reading Forwarded Emails on the web. And It simply kills time. Me laughing at my own though. But some emails their gave me information I've never know that it circulated the web over the past few years. I wasn't just aware that Emails has the power to do that.

That's how I kill time over the web. Tell me how you kill yours?


lady_emelye said...

naku jerome, by the time you are in a project, baka wala na kayong access kahit sa google. sa project namin ngayon, accenture and client sites lang ang accessible. enjoy it while you can! ^_^

Jerome said...

Meron po ako access. hihihi. eto po oh. :) then You can FB and stuff. pwede ba mag fb jan sa proj nyo?

mamoi said...

dropped in..